Spring/Summer 2015

This season, CatwalkLive.TV will be taking the season off. Here are some answers to the inevitable questions...

What does 'taking the season off' mean?

The following features will be unavailable for SS15:

● Live stream schedules on both the desktop and mobile website
● The live stream plug-in for blogs will not be updated
● There will be no #CatwalkLiveTV reminders
● The video archive will not be regularly updated

Why are you taking the season off?

I needed a break. I love fashion month, but running CatwalkLive.TV made it hard to enjoy it. CatwalkLive.TV needs to be modernised so that it is easier to update. I work full time, and on top of that I spend an average three-or-four hours every day checking for live streams, updating the schedules and scheduling tweets for CatwalkLive.TV.

Please read this post on what is involved with running CatwalkLive.TV

Why this season?

Last season was harder than ever. The site has more features than ever before, there are more live streams than ever before, and last season was blighted by the fact live streaming providers kept cancelling shows or changing the times. Of course, these changes reflect badly on me, so I take it personally when I give up so much of my time and then people complain.

Please read this post on the problems I encounter

Will you be returning next season?

I hope so. It very much depends on whether I can simplify things and whether it becomes realistic to juggle the demands of the site, and my enjoyment of fashion month. 

Does this not damage the site in the long run?

Probably, yes. But if people genuinely find the service useful, they'll be back, and if not, then I don't need to come back next season :)

Do you not feel guilty about leaving people in the lurch?

Of course. Hopefully most reasonable people will understand my reasons, and will have appreciated the work I have put into the last three years that the site has existed. If not, then you were probably one of the people who complained in previous seasons when a live stream was missed.

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